Why is Our Vision a Christian Vision?

Treating others as you would like to be treated is, of course, a value we can all try to live by.  However, at Great Tey, we also learn about the theological roots of our vision, teaching children, from all faiths as well as those from none, to follow the inspiration and example set by Jesus.  We do this through exploring a range of Bible stories, as well as through prayer and quiet reflection in Collective Worship.

The main Bible stories we use to explore the theological roots of our vision are:

The Good Samaritan - at Great Tey, we try to treat others, whoever they may be, with compassion as the Good Samaritan did.

Zacchaeus the Tax Collector - at Great Tey, we try to treat others, whoever they may be, with forgiveness as Jesus did to Zacchaeus.

Daniel in the Lions Den - at Great Tey, we try to approach challenges with courage, putting our faith in God as Daniel did.  We aim to encourage others to do so, enabling them to take on challenges they may otherwise have passed by.

Noah's Ark - at Great Tey, we try to be as trustworthy as Noah and his family were.  We know that we can sometimes make mistakes, because we are human, but we can grow past these mistakes and allow others to grow past their mistakes also.

The 12 disciples - as well as treating others with compassion, kindness and forgiveness, our Vision has an impact on our learning, too.  We use the 12 disciples as our example of life-long learners, who did not always get it right first time but who kept trying their best to learn and to understand.  We use this as a basis for our expectation that children will try their best in their learning and allow others to do the same.