Times Tables Rock Stars Guide for parents

Please click here for a guide on making the most of Times Tables Rock Stars

P.S.  Rockstars is intended to be quite a competitive, interactive way to learn times tables.  Children can improve their skills on their own or play against their friends in the Rock Arena or against children from around the world at Rock Festivals.  For some children, the challenge will be fun and engaging, for others, not so much.  We would much prefer children to use Rockstars regularly and improve their own skills than give up and stop using it because they are not as quick as others so please use the games in the way that best suits your child.  (You could play against them yourself if that might help build their confidence - please ask for a login!)

As with all of our learning platforms, such as Mathletics and Spelling Shed, 5 -10 mins a day will have a much greater impact on your child's learning than an hour once a week.