Agents of Change

We are delighted  to be  Agents of Change at Great Tey. 

This project, developed by St Lawrence School in Rowhedge, aims to instill in children a belief in themselves and the difference they can make in their community and the wider world.

Each child will receive a poster with 40 project ideas and a passport giving more information on the projects.  The projects vary widely and can range from connecting with other people, writing to a politician, volunteering your time to help a charity or organisation or learning to cook your favourite food.  As the children complete each project, they will receive a stamp in their passports.  Once they have complete seven project they will receive a badge (of which there are seven to collect).  The children will be given support on some of the projects in school but we hope that children will also take ownership of the projects, completing them independently or with family and being led by their own interests, talents and beliefs.

We hope that together the children of Great Tey will amaze us with their ambition, creativity and determination and look forward to seeing what they achieve as Agents of Change.  we celebrate their efforts every Monday as part of our Collective Worship and parents are invited to attend our half-termly badge presentations.