Pupil Comments

100% of KS2 pupils and 84% of EYFS / KS1 pupils said they enjoy being at school ( 3 pupils in EYFS / KS1 weren't sure and 1 said no, he likes being at home with mummy.)

100% of KS2 pupils and 92% of EYFS/KS1 pupils said they felt safe at school (2 EYFS/KS1 pupils weren't sure)

100% of KS2 pupils said they felt they were getting a good education.

100% of EYFS / KS1 pupils said they had friends at school


What do I like best about my school?

  • I really like all my friends and doing craft stuff.
  • In general I wish I went to school even if I’m ill.
  •  That it is not very big.  It is not too noisy.

  • School has laptops instead of computers.
  • It’s a bit crazy, a bit funny. Learning is fun.
  • Maths.
  • I like having teachers that know what level I am at and give me the right sort of work. And my friends.
  • What I like about school is that I’ve got a lot of friends and if I’m worried they help me.
  • What I like about Gt. Tey Primary School is that you can always talk to a teacher if you’re stuck or have a problem. Also if someone said something bad you could tell a teacher and they would understand.
  • I like that it is small and you get to know everyone better than if there was 100 people at school. I also like that the teachers know what level we are at.
  • Maths, activities and non uniform trips.
  • All of the learning subjects.
  • I think our school is fine, I don’t think there is anything can come better and there is nothing to improve.
  •  Triple thumbs up for school most of the days.