Physical Education

Our PE curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, which can be found here for Key Stage 1 and 2.  It aims to help pupils develop an enjoyment of physical activity and sport, to take part in team sports and individual pursuits, to compete against others and develop sportsmanship; to maintain their personal fitness and wellbeing.  

PE is taught by our PE lead teacher, Mrs Farrer, by class teachers and by specialist sports coaches.  Each child will receive at least two PE lessons a week.

Swimming is taught to children in KS2 by a specialist swimming coach at Coggeshall Community Pool, with the aim that all children should leave primary school able to swim at least 25m.

At Great Tey, we also offer a wide range of after-school sports clubs to extend children's skills and enjoyment.  In the Summer Term 2022, these included volleyball, gymnastics, cricket, football and dance.  At least 4 sports clubs are offered each week.

Please read on below to find more information on what we teach, how we teach it and how we ensure we are creating athletes and sports people of the future!

Why do we teach PE?

We are creating future sports men and women by ....

  • developing children's confidence to take part in team games and individual pursuits
  • recognising the power of physical activity and sport to develop fitness, improve well-being, maintain health and change lives
  • ensuring children have opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities so they can find the ones that best suit them
  • ensuring children can swim sufficiently well to keep themselves safe
  • revisiting key skills and knowledge across the primary years to ensure children's skills are embedded and built upon each year
  • developing children's team skills
  • introducing children to the wide range of jobs sports people can do and nurturing their ambitions to work in sport-based jobs in the future, contributing to their communities and the wider world

What do we learn?

Click here for our PE Long Term Plan, which shows which sports the different classes will practise each half term.

Click here for the skills we will develop in Ducklings Class.

Click here for the skills we will develop in Sparrows Class.

Click here for the skills we will develop in Robins Class.

Click here for the skills we will develop in Woodpeckers Class.


 What does our learning in music help us to do?

- develop our understanding of the world around us and the music of different places, cultures and times

- ask and answer questions, developing our ability to ask questions of increasing relevance

- develop our vocabulary to talk about music with increasing clarity

- enjoy composing, making choices and working as  part of a team

- make connections between our lives and emotions and those of others

-  prepare for our future, whether working in a music-based career or continuing to develop our interest in music for enjoyment, either through listening or playing.