Our Values

Staff and Governors worked with pupils and parents to select 12 values we feel best represent our school.

Friendship    Creativity    Perseverance   Honesty

Compassion     Courage     Forgiveness    Trust

Patience      Respect       Responsibility     Self-Control  


Each half term over a two year cycle we look in detail at one of our values as part of our Collective Worship.  We read Bible stories and talk about what Jesus taught us about each value.  We discuss how we can demonstrate each value in our daily lives at home, school and as part of our community.  Each value is inclusive, in the sense that each can be a value for everyone, whatever their faith or beliefs.  However, during Collective Worship we think about why each value is specifically a Christian value.  We also consider how each one links to our Vision.

Year A (years that begin in an 'odd' year, like 2023)

        Autumn 1 - Compassion   

Much of our work on the value of compassion is based on the Story of the Good Samaritan and also the story of Moses in the Basket.  We consider the fact that everyone likes to be treated with compassion and look at what this looks like in the classroom, playground and community.  We make links to our Vision and consider that God made each one of us to be unique - compassion does not just extend to those who look like us or think like us.

  Strong brain vector logo design. Brain with strong double biceps.Autumn 2 - Self-Control

As part of our work on self-control, we learn about Jesus being tempted in the desert.  We consider the quotation from Proverbs 25:28 - Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” We discuss how self-control - or the lack of it - can impact on others, making us less able to treat them the way that we would like to be treated.

   Spring 1 - Courage

As we look at the value of Courage, we consider the story of Esther, as well as the stories of Daniel in the Lion's Den and David and Goliath.  We discuss what it was that gave Esther, David and Daniel courage, and think about the ways in which faith can help us to be courageous, too.  We recognise that, at times, it can take courage to follow our school vision - by standing up for others in the face of opposition, for example.  We read the story of the Storm on the lake and think about the ways in which lack of faith can sometimes prevent us being brave.

    Spring 2 - Forgiveness

Two Bible stories form the basis of our work on forgiveness - the story of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector and also the story of The Prodigal Son.  As we move towards Easter, we consider the sacrifice Jesus made in order for us to be forgiven.  We link forgiveness to our Vision, looking at the importance of forgiveness for everyone - for the one giving forgiveness as well as the one receiving it.

   Summer 1 - Friendship

We consider the story of Martha and Mary as part of our work on friendship, and discuss the sacrifices we sometimes have to make to maintain  friendship.   We learn about Jesus's disciples and the sacrifices they made to follow Him.  We learn about the importance of friendship in our own lives and associate it closely with our vision.  We see friendship as challenging our friends and ourselves to be the best we can be.  During this half term we also learn the story of Pentecost.

  Summer 2 - Respect

 We look at respect as something that can be won and also lost.  We learn about Jesus at the temple, and that lack of respect can lead others to feel anger and distress.  We learn about our Vision, treating others as we would like to be treated, as the Golden Rule and talk about the importance of respecting difference. Whilst looking at this value, we also learn about the tricky concept of the Trinity - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Year B (years that begin in an 'even' year, like 2024)

 Autumn 1 - Creativity

We learn that God made us all in his image, but unique and special in our own way.  We learn the importance of Creativity in connecting with our World and those around us.  We look closely at examples of beauty in nature and in art.  Spirituality as connecting with others and with nature is an important aspect of our work on creativity.  We consider the different ways we can be creative, and the value of each.

   Autumn 2 - Trust

We consider those we put our trust in - our families, friends and teachers as well as God.  We learn about the story of Abraham, and also the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We look in depth at the importance of being trustworthy and link this to our vision.  We consider the importance of building trust, and that trust built up over time can be quickly lost if we make the wrong choices.  We reflect on people who have put their trust in God and how Christians demonstrate this trust.

 Leap sport logo designSpring 1 - Perseverance

We learn about people who have shown perseverance in their lives, particularly those who have persevered in their faith.  We learn about important figures such as Martin Luther King Jnr and Ghandi.  We study Tissot's Flight to Egypt and relate the story it tells to modern refugees.  During this half term, we also learn the Candlemas story of Simeon and Anna, and the perseverance they showed in waiting for their Saviour to arrive.  As our local church is the church of St. Barnabas, we also learn the story of St. Barnabas the Encourager and how he persevered to bring others to the Lord.

 Spring 2 - Responsibility

We learn about personal responsibility and our responsibility towards others.  We learn the importance of fairness and consider the connection between rights and responsibilities.  From the Bible, we learn the story of Moses leading his people from Egypt.

During this half term we also learn the Story of Easter, and talk about why such a sad story is also a story of celebration.  We look at the story of Easter through the eyes of the apostles and consider the sacrifice Jesus made.

 Summer 1 - Patience                                                                                       

We learn the story of Ruth and Naomi as we consider the value of patience.  We learn about their friendship and love for each other, and the patience and care they showed throughout their lives.  We learn that patience can come from having faith and hope that all will be well.  We relate the value of patience to our vision and consider what life would be like if no-one ever showed patience - if everyone pushed and shoved to get what they want.  We recognise the value of waiting, and enjoying now.

 Summer 2 - Honesty

We learn the story Jesus told about Philip's treasure - Jesus told this story to show that the truth can be like treasure.  It is worth giving up everything for the truth of God’s love.  We also look at the story of Adam and Eve, and how they were tempted away from God. We learn the story of Jacob and Esau and consider how being dishonest can make us feel.  From the perspective of our vision, we consider how it feels to be lied to.  We look at those who have stood up for the truth even when it was difficult to do so, such as Esther and Daniel.