Easter Songs

These are the words and music to some of our Easter songs, some of which we know well and some which would be good to learn!

All In An Easter Garden                                                  All In An Easter Garden Music                                

All Things Bright and Beautiful                                        All Things Bright & Beautiful Music

Chocolate Song                                                             Chocolate Song Music

For Youtube video of Chocolate song music and lyrics click here

Easter Jubilation                                                            Easter Jubilation Music

Easter Song                                                                     Easter Song Music

Jesus the King Is Risen                                                    Jesus The King Is Risen Music

Lord of the Dance                                                          Lord of the Dance Music

Spring Chicken                                                                Spring Chicken Music

For YouTube video of Spring Chicken click here

When I Think About The Cross ( Beware - it's a sad one!)  When I Think About The Cross Music


Other Songs we like to sing - 

Walk With You                                                            Walk With You Music

For YouTube video that puts words and music together ( but no actions, sorry!) click here.

Colours Of Day                                                          Colours Of Day Music

One More Step                                                           One More Step Music

Peace, Perfect Peace                                                  Peace, Perfect Peace Music

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands                       He's Got The Whole World Music

The Best Gift                                                            The Best Gift Music

Kum Ba Yah                                                               Kum Ba Yah Music

Shine, Jesus Shine                                                     Shine, Jesus Shine Music       

Spirit of Peace                                                        Spirit of Peace Music

The Ink Is Black                                                      The Ink Is Black Music

This Little Light Of Mine                                        This Little Light Of Mine Music

Thank You, Lord                                                     Thank You, Lord Music

When I Needed A Neighbour                                    When I Needed A Neighbour Music

Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow?                    Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow? Music