If your child is isolating, we will post or deliver a set of CGP workbooks for them to use during their period of isolation.   You can use these workbooks to do as much or as little as you like - we understand that different parents have different needs in terms of their own work and responsibilities.  We would aim for the children to do a page from each book a day, but recognise that this may not always be possible.  Children should bring the books back with them when they return to school, thank you.

Please keep the children reading each day using the books on Active Learn or books you have at home - we can't send reading books home while the children are isolating, sorry.

We have listed below some activities your child can try while they are waiting for their workbooks to arrive.  Some of the activities below are printable but we have tried in the main to make them accessible whether you have access to a printer or not. We will also add activity ideas to Tapestry.  If you have any difficulties accessing your child's account, please speak to Ms Lambert, Mrs Canning or Mrs Reeve.

The following activities are based on the Ducklings Class current topic - Once Upon a Time

A read-aloud version of traditional tales such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood etc. can be found on YouTube.  For example -

Click on the links to access these resources -

Cinderella story powerpoint - can your child retell the story?  describe their favourite character?  tell a different ending?

Name that story powerpoint

Traditional Tales character cutouts - use these to tell a traditional tale or to make up your own - Cinderella meets the 3 little pigs!  If you have any lollipop sticks, you could use them to make finger puppets.

Goldlilocks and the Three Bears story map - if you can't print this out, can your child talk about what comes first in the story?

Traditional tales hand control sheets - if you can't print these out, children could make their own patterns on paper

Traditional tales dice game - roll the dice and tell your own story

Number activities - can your child set the table ready for the three bears?  Use uncooked beans or pasta shapes to count how many beans Jack sold the cow for?  Count items to put in Little Red Riding Hood's basket and say which is the heaviest?