At Great Tey, we aim to prepare our pupils for a rapidly changing world through the use of technology.

Our aim is to ensure our pupils become digitally literate; and are equipped with the 21st century skills they will need to unlock their futures.

From EYFS to Key Stage Two, children will be taught practical, age-appropriate computing skills such as creating media, understanding how digital systems work, programming, coding, testing and debugging.

Computing will become embedded via creative cross-curricular links within our wider curriculum. In addition, children's skills and interests in computing will be encouraged through computing clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Whilst we strive to empower children with 21st century skills for the 21st century workplace, we also take very seriously our responsibility to provide young people with the tools they need to stay safe online.  Teaching children about e-safety and cyberbullying underlines our commitment to safeguarding young people, particularly on unregulated social media platforms and messaging apps.

We also recognise that some of the careers our students will embark on do not even exist yet. Therefore, at Great Tey, we are striving to provide all children with the computational knowledge and understanding of technology to help them to become active participants in an ever-changing digital world.

To ensure we teach up-to-date computing skills, we use the Teach Computing Scheme of Work, developed by The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE), which gives us an innovative progression framework developed by experts and based on the most up-to-date pedagogy.  Teachers can also access training and support through Teach Computing, which ensures we can keep our skills as up-to-date as our curriculum!  Because the children's computing skills progress across each year group, children are often split into year groups to learn computing rather than being taught as a whole class.  Online safety skills are taught during computing lessons, in response to children's questions and concerns, and as part of our PHSE curriculum.  Parent workshops on keeping children safe online will take place in the Summer Term 2023.

Please read on below to find more information on what we teach, how we teach it and how we ensure we are creating computer programmers and experts of the future!

Why do we learn about computing?

We are creating future programmers and experts by ....

  • developing children's confidence to express themselves through using computers and technology to design, create, learn and investigate
  • developing children's ability to use simple coding and programming systems
  • recognising the power of technology to maximise learning, solve problems and meet people's needs
  • ensuring children have opportunities to be creative, adventurous and innovative with technology
  • ensuring children can use the internet and social media safely, and know what to do if they are made to feel uncomfortable by anything they encounter
  • revisiting key skills and knowledge across the primary years to ensure children's understanding of computing is embedded and built upon each year
  • equipping children with the knowledge of computing they need to hold an informed conversation and approach new technologies confidently
  • introducing children to the wide range of jobs computer programmers and experts can do and nurturing their ambitions to work in computing-based jobs in the future, contributing to their communities and the wider world

What do we learn?

Whole School Curriculum Map

Our Whole School Curriculum Map for Computing can be found here.  It shows how different computing skills will develop over your child's time at Great Tey.  

Year Group Maps

For more in-depth information about the curriculum in each year group, please see below -

Please click here for our EYFS Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y1 Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y2 Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y3 Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y4 Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y5 Computing curriculum

Please click here for our Y6 Computing curriculum

 Alongside this curriculum, teachers also make use of Barefoot Computing resources, which are available through our Cornerstones Curriculum.  Within Cornerstones, computing skills are further practised and embedded as part of many topics.  Children have access to Discovery Education Coding at home and at school, and Coding Club is open to all children.

  What does our learning in computing help us to do?

- develop our understanding of the world around us and how computers, the internet and technology have changed our world in ways that can help to meet people's needs

- use the internet to ask and answer questions, developing our ability to ask questions of increasing relevance and answer them with a greater depth of accuracy

- develop our vocabulary to talk about computing and technology and express our ideas with increasing clarity

- enjoy creating, making choices, evaluating end results and making adaptions, such as improving or debugging programs

-  prepare for our future, whether working in a technology-based career (even one that doesn't yet exist!) or continuing to develop our interest in computing for enjoyment.